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  1. How do I ensure that Limitlesslane Browser extension is up-to-date?

    By default Limitlesslane Browser Extension updates automatically. But still there are cases when it doesn't, due to browser prefferences or any other reason.

    Here is how you can ensure the Extension is up-to-date:

    1. If the Extension is installed and enabled, you should see it in your Browser's toolbar Limitlesslane Logo, next to address bar. Click on Limitlesslane Logo to open the Extension's popup, then go to Settings → About → Version.
      If you don't see the message "UP TO DATE", go to step 2.
    2. Open the list of installed extension in your Browser:
    3. If Limitlesslane isn't listed, you'll need to install it.
    4. If Limitlesslane is listed but grayed out, click "Enable".
    5. If your version is older than the latest version
      • In Google Chrome and Opera click on the right top on "Developer mode",
        then click on "Update extensions now" and wait few secconds to update version number.
      • In Firefox click on right top on Tools button,
        then in the dropdown menu click on "Check for Updates"
      • In Safari click on bootom left on "Updates", uncheck "Install Updates Automatically".
        f you see Limitlesslane in the list bellow, Update it.
        Don't forget to check "Install Updates Automatically" back!
    6. If it doesn't update, you can remove it and install again.

    If you have any other question, feel free to contact us.

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