Managing accounts

  1. Am I able to edit sites and accounts that I’ve already added?

    Yes, absolutely. You can change all of the details you’ve provided for the websites and accounts stored. You’ll find the “Edit” option on the “manage accounts” page. By clicking on a specific account, there are further opportunities to edit account information.

  2. What is this “Custom Fields” business I am seeing on my accounts’ information pages?

    Ah, custom fields: they are not just three-acre plots of land with your name on it. They are, in fact, very useful. When you click on the “Custom Fields” option, a drop-down list appears. You are able to further embellish your accounts with contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses, security questions for even more watertight security, and, for the business-savvy, FTP/SSH accounts. 

  3. I think I am very clever. Can I rename my categories to reflect that?

    You most certainly can! You can always choose a preexisting category from our default list or you can add one yourself. 

    To add one yourself, click “new” on your manage accounts page, write in your new category and it will be automatically added to the default list.

  4. Can I change the password to a specific account?

    You can, but not through Limitlesslane. You will have to go to the original website and change the password through their preferred system.

    And you can make sure your new password is as safe as possible with the help of our password generator (clicklink). 

  5. Why should I lock account with Master Password?

    By choosing to do this, you are making your account doubly-safe. You will be required to re-enter your master password anytime you need to view, add, edit, delete or login to your account. This is advisable, especially if you have one computer that is host to many Limitlesslane users.

  6. What on earth is Auto-Login?

    Calm down, We are just trying to simplify the routes you take to your favorite websites. If you activate Auto-Login, Limitlesslane will automatically log you in to your accounts by virtue of clicking the “go to account” option.

    If you have Auto-Login turned off, you will have to manually log-in yourself after being linked to your account through Limitlesslane, although the username and password information will still be filled in for you already.  

  7. I have many accounts saved with Limitlesslane. How do I organize them all?

    It’s easy to organize and order your listed accounts. The drop-list next to the “New” button is where you can choose exactly how you want to prioritize your websites.

Click on-login-enjoy... All within the blink of an eye!