Referral program

  1. Who can join your referral program?

    Absolutely anyone can join our referral program – we’re the most inclusive password manager on the web!

    In order to get paid, however, you and the person you’re referring needs to be an active member in order to get paid. 

  2. How much can I earn?

    There’s no limit to the amount of money you can earn! It’s simple: the more people you refer to Limitlesslane, the more money you can earn. And the great thing is, we reward the both of you!

    Here’s how it’s broken down:

    • $10 for every referral who signs up with an active account.
    • $5 the first time you activate your Limitless account.


  3. How does the referral program work?

    If you refer someone to Limitlesslane who then signs up with an active account, you’ll earn $10 from their $15 sign up fee. 

    On top of that, the first time you sign up with an active account, we’ll give you $5.  

  4. How will I get paid?

    We can credit your account with the money you earn, or we can pay you through PayPal.

  5. Can I still invite even if I’m on test mode?

    You sure can! Only, you won’t be able to access the money you accrue through your referrals until you become an active member yourself.

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