1. What is Limitlesslane?

    Limitlesslane is a password manager.

  2. What does Limitlesslane do?

    It stores all your account information and passwords in one secure place, using the highest levels of encryption to ensure that only you have access to it.

  3. Who is Limitlesslane for?

    Anyone who has more accounts than they can shake a stick at. Anyone who is tired of manually logging in and having to try multiple password possibilities before gaining entry. Anyone who is concerned about the safety of their online identity and safety. So, basically that’s you, right?

  4. Why are we the best?

    We boast a variety of encryption features that make us the most secure password manager around. For more intimate details on how our security works, visit (hyperlink to security page).

  5. Do I have to pay?

    No, you don’t have to pay, as long as you are storing less than ten accounts on Limitlesslane. But if you do, a small monthly sum of five dollars will allow you to store as many as you want.

  6. Why have you got a referral program?

    We think that we have the very best password manager around, and if you think the same as we do, we want you to spread the word. And what better way to thank you for your support than by rewarding you for it!

  7. What are the minimum requirements to use Limitlesslane?

    For safety reasons, you need a secure email address for confirmation and so we can contact you with any queries or updates.

  8. Can I still use Limitlesslane without the extension?

    Yes, of course you can! There just will be no connection to the automatic login feature via browser extension. 

  9. Why should I install the browser extension?

    The browser extension is an easy and non-invasive installation. It will only appear on sites that you have linked through your Limitlesslane account, and with your quick click consent will automatically log you in. It enables Limitlesslane to not just serve as a storage for your information, but a time-saving instrument.

  10. Anything else?

    Yes! We also store emails, phone numbers and other contact information, with custom fields to help you categorize and organize your information exactly how you want it.

    We also offer a browser extension (click link to browser extension section) that enables automatic login for your accounts, when you choose.

Click on-login-enjoy... All within the blink of an eye!