Security & Privacy

  1. Why is Limitlesslane the safest password manager around?

    There are any number of reasons why we're the safest password manager around. We’ve got all of the same safest features that our competitors have, but more importantly, we also have a lot that they don’t have. And it’s these features that make us the very safest and dynamic password manager around.

  2. So, what are these safety features that you share with your competitors?

    Like our competitors, we have:

    One Master Password that is the key to your encrypted data. No record of that master password, not even a derivative of it, is saved anywhere on our databases. Only you have access to it – only you hold the key.

    State-of-the-art data encryption through one of the world’s leading encryption algorithms: AES-256. Basically, this means that the information you store on Limitlesslane is as safe as the information stored on any military of governmental database.

    2-step verification that adds yet another layer of protection to your account. 2-step verification adds another independent lock and key to access information.  

    Automatic log-out that logs you out of Limitlesslane when you’re not using it. You can set the automatic log-off to kick in after any amount of time. Say, for instance, you’re at an internet café and you sign onto Limitlesslane but leave before signing out, you can set the automatic log-out to sign you off Limitlesslane after two minutes of inactivity or twenty-two minutes of inactivity. 

  3. What are some of the safety features that your competitors don’t have?

    Here’s what they don’t have:

    Full account activity that lets you know what browser, operating system, IP address and general location was used to access your Limitlesslane account. This feature enables you to verify for certain whether someone has gained access to your account. And, it’s king of cool to see where you’ve been and what you’ve done.

  4. Can I change my master password?

    Yes, of course you can! Click the link here (hyperlink) and just follow the directions. Again, it’s your responsibility to remember your password. 

    One password to rule them all! 

  5. What about my other account passwords? Can I change them through Limitlesslane?

    You can change your individual account passwords, but not through Limitlesslane. You will have to go to the original website and change the password through their preferred system. 

    And you can make sure your new password is as safe as possible with the help of our password generator (click link).

  6. Can you explain a little more about password generator?

    Limitlesslane's password generator immediately pops up when you create or change a password. If you decide to use our password generator, it will automatically create and save a secure and completely unique password that the world’s greatest hacker couldn’t even figure out.

Click on-login-enjoy... All within the blink of an eye!